As of Monday, June 8th, the World Wide Sales office is now officially open. While we have been operating remotely since mid-March, we now feel comfortable bringing our staff back in with additional safety measures in place. The heath and well being of our associates is always paramount. We continue to send out our best wishes and prayers to everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing all of you soon. 

Why WWS?

You already know you have an amazing product to sell, but the NY market is unlike any place in the United States. You need a local, and expert... someone with decades of experience who knows the ins and outs of this unique marketplace. A company that has the relationships and the know-how to get things done quickly and efficiently. 

Let us show you why World Wide Sales is the right fit for your company!


We are the Premier Dairy, Deli, Meat and Produce Broker servicing the New York Metropolitan Marketplace. 


Our valued clients as well as our dedicated associates are at the core of our existence. We pride ourselves in being a full service broker, with the ability to service the needs of our clients in any capacity.


Although our company is sales driven, we place a great emphasis on merchandising and developing our lines. Our marketing and retail departments are dedicated providing the best information and results for both our customers and our principles.

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Meet the leaders who have shaped our company into what we are today. 

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