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We pride ourselves on being the Premier Perimeter Broker in the New York Metropolitan marketplace. We straive each and everyday of the year to service all of our manufactuers with diligience, professionalism, and respect. 
This is how we view our services... and we take pride in each and every one. 

Our seasoned team of Account Managers know the ins and outs of each of the key customers in the New York Metropolitan Marketplace. We can handle all of your needs including new item presentations, trade shows, industry events, and pricing and promotional execution. Our relationships are second to none, and we will get you and your products in-front of the right people at the right time to give you every chance for success. 

Our Business Managers work closely with our clients to create and execute programs for all customers, maximizing sales while paying close attention to your profit goals. We have the experience and the knowledge to her you create programs that will work, based on your needs and abilities while keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of our unique customers. There is no market like the New York Metropolitan market, and our experts will help you navigate these waters. 

Without people on the “street” your item cannot reach its potential Our retail sales specialists are in stores every day cutting in new items, building displays, checking pricing and promotions, and selling in to group contacts. Our contacts with individual department managers and store ownership are the key to maximizing sales on existing items and growing sales of new products. Working in conjunction with our Account Managers, our Retail team understands the needs of individual stores which can vary greatly in the melting pot that is our area of the United States. 

Financial Management

We check every order to ensure proper pricing and avoid deductions. Our management team utilizes database programming specific for Food brokers to organize promotions and specials so orders are accurate. When issues arise, our team is cross-trained and equipped to solve these issues quickly and effectively. 


We know that you are the expert on your product, but we can help market your item to our area’s specific needs. We have experience buying local media including traditional radio, satellite radio, and outdoor advertising which might be a good fit for your products. We can also help you craft fact-based presentations for use at our accounts when presenting new items and programs. Our team is ready and willing to help you market your items in ways you might not have thought of before. 

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